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The Hi-Steppers perform at many events.  Here is a brief look at some of those events:

Walk for Juvenile Diabetes - On October 3 the Hi-Steppers performed at the beginning of the walk, then participated in the 5k walk

Saints Halftime Show - The Hi-Steppers were invited to perform at a Saints halftime on December 12 with the Saintsations and several other high school dance teams. 

Mardi Gras Ball- On February 17, the Hi-Steppers performed at the Krewe of Little Rascals Ball.  They also helped usher the krewe members to their places  during the ball.  This was televised on Cox Channel 10. 


Mardi Gras parades - The Hi-Steppers participate in several local parades.  


Disney World-On March 9, the Hi-Steppers performed in Disney World.  They performed 6 of their dances on the Galaxy Palace Theater stage along with the Chapelle Cheerleaders, who also performed some routines. 


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